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CEDIS Walmart Teya

In this job, distribution center for self-service chain type in Teya, Yucatán, we installed the fire protection system.

The system installed includes Automatic Sprinklers in the main ceiling, Inrack Sprinklers, ceiling mounted Automatic Sprinklers in different office areas, resting and cafeteria, according to NFPA 13. On the other hand, a 10 “pipe loop was installed, as well as a network of indoor and outdoor hydrants, according to NFPA 14 standard. Additionally, we installed a 3,000 GPM Diesel and Electric Fire Pump System with a Jockey Fire Pump for pressure recovery, according to NFPA 20 standard, as well as a 165,976 gallon Bolted Tank for Fire Protection, according to NFPA 22 standard and a 66,836 gallon Bolted Tank for general services. Finally, we installed a Fire Protection System for the kitchen, charge-discharge type mechanism.

The project was delivered on time, quality and cost, fulfilling GANT defined for fire protection and according to our client’s job program.

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