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fmFactory Mutual (FM), is a US global company, recognized leader for loss prevention of multi national companies around the world, within the specific market of high protection risk properties (HPR).

Around the philosophy that every property loss can be prevented or reduced, FM has a loss research and client advisor focus, emphasizing over operation and facilities’ changes to reduce effects of a specific risk. The relation between FM and their clients is to minimize risks, taking as a reference the historical data from other insured FM ‘s companies and the market in general.

FM origin took place during the depression of 1835, when Zachariah Allen, textile businessman, looking for a way to reduce insurance premiums at his plant in Rhode Island, performed several improvements at his facilities to reduce risks. Allen was pioneer in the prevention an control of risks, although premium reduction was not granted and therefore he decided to put together a mutualism associations with other companies of the same industry: “Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insurance Company“, which eventually became FM Global (1999).

FM interest was focus, since it’s beginning, on research and development of products and techniques which allow to reduce risks and preserve properties. In 1874 a revolutionary way of preventing losses was introduced to the market: Sprinklers. Although the development of this innovation took place out of FM, FM was in fact who took it to the next level of research and development up to our times.

FM Global has it’s investigation and development headquarters in West Gloucester, R.I., USA, where they perform fire and special hazards tests risk detection and technological protection, against natural disasters and electrical risks. These tests goes from witnessing the difference on material combustion depending on it’s type through evaluate how different construction components react to natural disasters.