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NFPA 101

nfpa101NFPA 101, “Life Safety Code“, establish the minimum requirements for construction, protection and occupancies criteria, applicable to reduce risks for human life in fire conditions, including smoke, flames and panic situations.

The code covers in-out access with their design criteria to allow fast and safe escape of the persons from the building or, when required, their mobilization to a safety defined area, as well as other matters such as building services, operational issues, maintenance activities and other requirements, understanding that reaching a reasonable level of human safety depends on having additional security considerations to provide proper exit facilities and protection for person who might get expose to fire.

The purpose of this normative is to provide a reasonable level of protection against fire, preserve human life and property, through requirement definitions for design, operation and maintenance of the buildings and structures for human life protection against fire. It’s information is also applicable to human life safety in similar type of emergencies.