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nfpa20NFPA 20, “Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection“, supply the minimum requirements for selection and installation of fire protection water pumps, including: Water supplied, suction, discharge and auxiliary equipment, energy supply, electrical engine and control; internal combustion engine and control; turbine engine and control; test for acceptance and function. This regulation does not cover water supply capacities and pressure requirements, periodical test and maintenance and fencing along the pump units.

The purpose of this normative is to provide a reasonable level of protection against fire, preserve human life and property, through requirements specifications for fire protection service pumps based on principles of engineering, testing data and field experience. This regulation includes pumps of single-multiple design stages with vertical or horizontal axes. Design requirements are established for configuration and installation of fire protection service pumps. The normative encourage to continue the record of excellence established on the installation of fire protection service pumps and that covers the needs of a technology in constant development.