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nfpa25NFPA 25, “Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water Based Fire Protection Systems“, establish the minimum requirements for inspection, testing and maintenance of water based fire protection systems; based on a chart of procedures for the services to be executed, as well as a time table for it’s periodicity, depending of the components or devices. Procedures and periodicity are applicable independently of each activity of inspection, test and maintenance (ITM). Normative organization is such that each water based system has it’s own chapter. Through every chapter there is a table of procedures and text to describe what is to be done for each inspection, testing and maintenance of the different components and devices.

Systems and components included in these service procedures are described but not limited to: Sprinklers, risers, hose stations, foam systems, private fire service mains, pumps, tanks valves, etc. These standards are applicable exclusively to systems which have been installed under NFPA regulations.

The purpose of this normative is to enhance performance and reliability of the systems, supplying procedures which help to ensure adequacy to original intention and functionality of the systems. Several constructions are regularly build with some “trades” mixing sprinkler systems with different wall materials (classified). Sprinkler systems have to be operational or the building may become a “non compliance” one; regular maintenance according this regulation plus professional fire protection involvement in any major modification may prevent deviations from normative.