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nfpa72NFPA 72, “National Fire Alarm Code“, establish the minimum requirements for design, installation, location, performance, inspection, test and maintenance of fire detection systems, fire notification, warning equipments and their components.

The purpose of this normative is to provide a reasonable level of protection against fire, preserve human life and property, through requirement definition for fire protection alarm installation based on principles of engineering, testing data and field experience. The code supplies the procedures for proper inspection as well as to evaluate effectiveness and implementation, equipment selection, specifications, design, installation, test, inspection, maintenance and usage of fire detection and alarm systems.

In general terms the code includes: Components and type of systems; public and private regulations; alarm trigger devices, alarm supervision devices and alarm annunciation devices; requirements of longitude and coverage; requirements of energy supply and trigger circuit devices, signal line circuits, annunciation equipment circuit and transmission technology; distances between devices and it`s location; inter phase within fire protection alarms for security functions, elevator controls to call and stop, suppression and extinguishing activation; general testing and inspection of fire protection alarms along with it’s periodicity.