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In this job, gas industry type at San Nicolás de Los Garza, Nuevo León, we installed the fire protection system.

The system installed includes a 500 cubic meter Fire Protection Water Tank, with capacity for 132,000 gallons, erected according to NFPA 22, following OSHA international requirements and the highest safety regulations for this industry, based on our owned “jacking” system which allows the tank erection “on ground level” with the lowest human and technical risk involved, as well as with a reduction on delivery timing.

Additionally it was installed a “transfer” Pump Hose of 500 GPM, from the tank to a cistern, according to NFPA 20 requirements, as well as a 6” underground with fire protection department connection according to NFPA 24 standards.

The project was delivered on time, quality and cost, fulfilling GANT defined for fire protection and according to our client’s job program.



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