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Combo Walmart Cuemanco


In this job, supermarket warehousing store type at Tlalpan, Ciudad de México, we installed the fire protection system.

The system installed includes Automatic Sprinklers ESFR K17 and TY-B K8 for the main ceiling, Standard Sprinklers for grocery area and offices, Dry Sprinklers for the fridge chambers and Pre action System for the sub station, according to NFPA 13. Additionally, it was installed a Hose Interior System of 1 1/2” with 100 foot long hose and a 30 meter radio according to NFPA 14 requirements.

On the other hand, we installed four Bolted Tanks, one of 137,000 gallons, two of 20,000 gallons and one of $15,000 gallons, and an Horizontal Diesel Fire Pump as well as an Electrical one, both of 1,500 GPM, including a Supervision System, according to NFPA standards 22 and 20, respectively. Finally, we installed a fire protection system for the kitchen, charge-discharge type mechanism, with chemical container tank and extinguishing agent.

The project was delivered on time, quality and cost, fulfilling GANT defined for fire protection and according to our client’s job program.


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