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In this job, manufacturing type at Guadalupe, Nuevo León, we installed the fire protection system.

The system installed includes Automatic Sprinklers ESFR K17 and ELO K11 for the main ceiling, Standard Sprinklers for offices, according to NFPA 13 requirements. Additionally it was installed a Hose System according to NFPA 14 requirements.

On the other hand, we installed a 150,000 gallon Bolted Tank and an Horizontal Diesel Fire Pump of 1,500 GPM, including a Supervision System, according to NFPA standards 22 and 20, respectively. Additionally it was installed a smoke detection system, with alarm and evacuation features, according to NFPA 72 requirements.

The project was delivered on time, quality and cost, fulfilling GANT defined for fire protection and according to our client’s job program.


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